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Korean War

No description

Julia Buhagiar

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Korean War

Koreas Global War 1950-51
Steven Hugh Lee

Cumings vs Lee
1949 border conflict (internal)
1950 international power backers (external)
Stalin's reasons?
agreed with initiative put forward by Kim Il Sung (was reluctant out of fear of American intervention)
possibly changed his mind due to changing balance of power in China, the first Soviet atomic bomb explosion, and persistent requests from N. Korea
secretly wanted America to intervene to become distracted from Europe (?)
manipulated Korea's logic to benefit global position (?)
War Prep
NSC 68
Sino-Soviet alliance- was supposed to be a deterrent of aggression
USSR supplied the materials
Chinese supplied volunteers
National Security Council 68 (1950)
Cold War document
called for greatly increased general air, ground, sea strength + programs for air and civilian defense
groundwork for RAPID build up of armed forces
And so it begins....
North Korea attacked South Korea on June 25th, 1950
Truman was NOT HAPPY....
thought it was a cover up for Soviet communist expansion
NEXT DAY: ordered American air and naval forces to Japan to attack any N. Koreans below the 38th parallel
Did not consult UN or Congress
Alternative motives
American allies send troops
offensive along the 38th parallel
"X Corps"
amphibious offensive
Formed by General MacArthur
80,000 men
Seoul was retaken!!
How far will we go?
N. Korean officials moved to an area by the Yalu River after Pyongyang was taken
When it seemed that UN would invade Manchuria- China decided it was time to intervene
China had suspicions regarding America's relations with Taiwan
Big Mouths
Truman publicly threatened to use the atomic bomb on the communists without consulting allies
China rejected cease-fire negotiations
General MacArthur undermined a limited peace treaty prepared by Truman and made public threats to China--relieved of duties
Everyone needs a time out!
Stalemates and negotiations
Discussions negotiating peace began in Washington starting December 1950
May 1951- military stalemate was confirmed
The following month, Mao and Zhao Enlai met Kim Il Sung to discuss possible outcomes
armistice drug out and fighting lasted 2 more years (!)
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