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Mon Petit Chou

No description

erica mangino

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Mon Petit Chou

Mon Petit Chou Kelsey Poock, Nick Ansara, Erica Mangino,
Olivia Braden, Gabriella Merullo Mon Petit Chou French Casual Dining
Located in the heart of the Short North
Open for lunch, dinner and takeout services Why Mon Petit Chou? No other place like it. Not Just Dinner People will come for the experience and the food Mon Petit Chou offers a unique French experience
With things like:
Authentic food
Wide variety of French wine
Decor and Uniforms - French themed Competitors While these French Restaurants exist they still aren't like Mon Petit Chou The Refectory
Chatelaine Why Short North Location, Location, Location Website Services Dine-in
Online Ordering
Live Music
Creperie Service Interaction Empowerment
Recovery Pre Consumption
Word of Mouth, Advertising, Positive service quality, and Partner with companies During Consumption Positive Experience, over the top hospitality, and respectful time frame Post Consumption Crepe cards and "Rate us" cards Relationship and Experience Loyalty program
CSA crepe of the week
Authentic clothing
Educated staff
French decor Service Marketing Partner with local wineries
La creperie
French music
Yelp & GroupOn
Customer feedback survey Questions? Floor Plan Service Blueprint
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