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Two Sample T Test - Stats vs Calc

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Frankie Liang

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Two Sample T Test - Stats vs Calc

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Null Hypothesis: There is no difference in the reaction time between Statistic students and Calculus AB students.
Data Collection
Two Sample T test
Since out p-value = 0.253 is greater than alpha = 0.05 we fail to reject the null hypothesis at the 5% significance level.
We do not have enough evidence to suggest that there is a difference in reaction time between Jesse Bethel’s Statistic students and Jesse Bethel’s Calculus AB students
Statistics Students or Calculus Students?
We chose this topic because we wanted to make it interesting and somewhat personal because it deals with students of our school. We will use a Two-Sample T test to test our hypothesis.
A researcher is interested in measuring reaction times from two different AP classes, Statistics and Calculus AB. The researcher suspects that there is no difference in the average reaction time between Ms. Herzog's Statistics students and Mr. V's Calculus students at Jesse Bethel High School. Random samples of 15 statistics students and 15 calculus students were selected to take the ruler reaction time test.
Alternative Hypothesis: There is a difference in the reaction time between Statistic Students and Calculus AB Students.
We will perform a Two-Sample T test at the 5% significance level
The person to be tested stands or sits near the edge of a table, resting their elbow on the table so that their wrist extends over the side. The assessor holds the ruler vertically in the air between the subject's thumb and index finger, but not touching. Align the zero mark with the subject’s fingers. The subject should indicate when they are ready. Without warning, release the ruler and let it drop - the subject must catch it as quickly as possible as soon as they see it fall.
The reaction time is calculated with
time = the square root of [2(distance)/gravity]
Raw Data Table
For each class, we will got an alphabetized roster of students and label each student according to their class size. For example, Mrs. Herzog’s class has 23 students so we will label each student 00-22. Then we’ll use the table of random digits to select number of students. Our sample size was 15 students from Statistics and 15 students from Calculus.
T= -1.167
P = 0.253
Df = 27.459
No obvious outliers
No obvious skew
We would presume that the results of one student do not affect the results of another.
The End
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