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artist journals

No description

abbey trescott

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of artist journals

personal art exploration
you must let yourself explore without hesitation or apprehension
what is it?
a visual diary space for thinking and making
a combination of images and words
an exploration of new art (new concepts, new media)
a personal journey, a conversation between you and the artwork
two words:
In art there are no mistakes, only opportunities
What will it include?
technical studies
responses to prompts
a bit of historical and contemporary art
experiments with media
creative space to just make
"Make your sketchbook a safe place. Celebrate your successes and forgive your mistakes. Don't worry about what others or your inner critic think. Enjoy the process of making things and growing as an artist."
For several reasons:
1. To provide you with a space for creative thinking and making, without the pressure of a final product

So why are we doing this?
2. utilizing and growing the right side of your brain
3. Unplug yourself. Embrace a few moments of quiet thought and creation
the written and the visual
appropriation and collage
mixed media exploration
studies of new media and techniques
exploration of materials
growing technical ability
nonsensical doodling and general art making
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