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Counseling with Our Councils

No description

Michael Williams

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Counseling with Our Councils

Our Eternal Father's revealed plan to help families make important decisions and grow together
There are different ways of making decisions in marriage and as families
The most common assumption regarding marital decisions is that spouses will avoid conflict via
The Lord has directed his servants that they will make all decisions in His name as one, united and acting in
Counseling with Our Councils
Each person seeks his own will or preference, and works to maximize attainment of that preference, while accepting that the other will need to be accommodated in order to

move forward.
Each seeks to learn God's will on the matter, disregarding personal preferences. Each expresses and demonstrates love to invite the Spirit and to facilitate the revelatory process, and prepare each to follow through in faith with what has been revealed.
The brethren meet in a sacred place, typically the temple.
There are other places that can and should be sacred as well.
They also set aside a regular time for such conversations, typically each Thursday.
Before they begin the meeting they express love and appreciation for one another.
They then open with prayer, inviting the Spirit to assist and lead them in their efforts to recognize the Lord's will regarding the topics at hand.
Discussions have often been described as methodical,open and honest, each person speaking in turn (sometimes in order of seniority), expressing what he perceives to be most consistent with God's will on the matter.
To learn more read the book by M. Russel Ballard, "Counseling with Our Councils: Learning to minister together in the Church and in the Family"
Discuss to consensus, regarding what the Lord would have done
Express love and appreciation
Open with prayer, seeking to know God's will
Share refreshments together
Close with prayer, seeking to follow through with God's will
Close with Prayer
Share refreshments
Click the forward key (on your keyboard or I-Learn) to advance through the presentation and to listen to narration.
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