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Cell Organelle Analogies

By: Elise Bereolos & Sydnee Barrins

Elise Bereolos

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell Organelle Analogies

You can compare all the organelles in a cell to all the aspects that make up an amusement park. What is an Organelle? The nucleus is the control counter of a cell . Just like a manager. Nucleus(both) The cytoskeleton is a network in the cytoplasm that gives the cell shape. This can be compared to the network of pathways in the amusement park. Cytoskeleton(both) Nucleus Pores(both) Nucleolus(both) Chromatin/DNA(both) Nuclear Envelope(both) Microtubules(both) Microfilaments(both) Intermediate Filaments(both) Cytoplasm is the material within a cell. It can be related to the all the land the park is built on. Cytoplasm(both) Part of the E.R. that is covered with ribosomes. Rough E.R. makes and packages proteins just like concession stands distribute food at an amusement park. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum(both) Performs specialized functions and makes lipids. A roller coaster performs special functions that other rides cannot. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum(both) Ribosomes(both) Ribosomes form proteins inside the Rough
E.R. This is like the food in a concession stand. The Golgi Apparatus process, sorts, packages, and delivers proteins. This can be related to all the employees in an amusement park Golgi Apparatus(both) Stores the materials needed by cells (especially water). Just like a water fountain holds water for thirsty visitors. Vacuole(plant) This would be like the door to the manager's office that allows people in and out just like the nuclear pores allow molecules to pass through to the cytoplasm. DNA contains all the important information in making proteins just like the manager's computer contains all of his important information. This encloses the nucleus as a manager's office encloses. Micro tubes can be related to breaks in the network of pathways because they form more complex structures in the cytoplasm like a break would add complexity to a pathway. You can relate micro filaments to the tiniest path in a network in paths because it is the thinnest filaments of the cytoskeleton. Intermediate Filaments are components found in metazoan cells. These can be related to rides found in specific areas of a park. A region where tiny organelles essential for making proteins are assembled just like a coffee pot is essential for the manager to make produce his everyday coffee. Mitochondria(both) The Mitochondria suppiles the energy to the cell as a generator supplies energy to all the rides in the park. Vesicle(both) A vesicle holds, stores, and distributes nutrients just like a cooler would for a family at the amusement park. Cell Wall(plant) The cell wall is the outermost layer of a cell just like the gates of a park do. Lysosomes (animal) Lysosomes break down material and cellular debris just like the janitors do in the park. Cell Membrane(both) The cell membrane keeps things in and out of cells just like the entrance of the park lets customers in and out. Centrosome(both) Centriole(animal) Phospholipid bilayer(both) Chloroplast(plant) The function of the centrosome is to produce microtubules. This can be compared to the customer service center in the park because it is the center of the park and produces information. Centrioles help keep order in cells just like park security helps keep order. Chloroplast captures the sun's energy and converts it into usable energy just like solar panels. (This analogy does not relate to an amusement park.) The phospholipid bilayer regulates material passage just like park designers and architects decide what goes in the park.
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