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Myths & Legends in Medieval Times

Myths & Legends in Medieval Times

Sarah Camm

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Myths & Legends in Medieval Times

Myths and Legends had a big impact on the way people saw the world around them. This carried on to the current day regarding conspiracy theories and superstitions? Myths & Legends They had Myths to explain what was happening in society. They were used as a reflection of society. To give people a sense of where they were placed in society. Why did they have them? Myths and legends are sacred and they are said to explain how things came to be. It is a group of traditional stories that express beliefs and values of a groups of people. They often focus on human qualities such as good and bad. They were made as reasons for why things happened if the Greeks, Romans ect, didn’t understand what happened. What are they? Some myths and legends came from oral traditions before people could read, and others were written by people or cultures. Who started them? Myths and legends originated from places all over the world, from places like Ancient Greece, China, Rome. Where did they start? Myths an legends were created in medieval times. Mostly created around the time of 1300 - 1400. When were they created? Myths were spread by the word of mouth. They were told to one person who would tell another and so on. How they were spread? Myths were spread around in a type of warning. For example they may have said “ If you commit adultery, you may come across an angry centaur.” Myths and Legends - Power and Heirachy People in power may have created some of the myths in order to explain what they thought impossible to other people. It would keep them intrigued and fascinated by what creatures and stories could come across them in their everyday lives. Perhaps one of the most famous myths would have to be the myth about King Arthur. I am sure that you will all be familiar with the story. Some of them are still around today, some being: Unlucky 13, Robin Hood, Mystical Creatures and Ghosts/Aliens. As they were considered as good relations to society and things in our life and they help to create the way we live.
Other things that stayed the same are the way we tell each other stories of things that have happened around us.
To this day er still have conspiracies to help us understand things. Some things about myths and legends that have stayed the same since medieval times are: Theres not so many superstitious people.
We have more ways and technology to prove the myths wrong/right. Some things that have changed since medieval times are: Overall, people in power, heirachy and royalty did not have very much to do with myths and legends. The main thing they contributed to them way the telling of them at functions. Overall
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