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Principles Of Interactive Media

No description

Kane Shaw

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Principles Of Interactive Media

The interactive product in question will be made on the Mediator Product however there are other programmes such as Flash and Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a good programme to make websites as its features include the linking up of buttons and button installation. This is a similar case with Mediator however i believe it to be simpler than dreamweaver despite it having similar features including page transitioning effects. Flash is primarily used for multimedia products like videos and animations.
Delivery Format
Principles Of Interactive Media
The Planning and design of the interactive media product can be completed on the MyBalsamiq programme. This is a good programme to use because you can test out different features and layouts to see which one best fits your product. Designs for logos and other features can also be drawn by hand with peer assesment being used to improve or eliminate ideas.
The Purpose of my interactive multimedia product is to inform users of the history and tourism of the Durham Area.
Interactive multimedia products can be created on many platforms including the web, CD/DVD Roms,Interactive TV or mobile devices. My specific product will be made on mediator and presented as an app with internet features. There are benefits to this including a modernised app for the product but drawbacks in the fact that not everybody can access internet.
Components for my interactive multimedia product include: - Text- could be used for information and titles on the product.
Sound- May be used in videos or sound effects on the product.

Interactivity And Control

This includes
- Basic features such as navigation menu selection,hyperlinks and hotspots.
- Scripting
- Actions/Events
Benefits can include:
Mobility- being able to use the product on Mobiles.
Accessibility- Involving how easy features on the product.
Targets a Set Audience- In this case, that is 16+.

Limitations include:
Size- This is in relation to how many GB
Download Time
Type Of Content
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