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Ancient Civilizations of meso-America

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kobe tong

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Civilizations of meso-America

The Maya, Aztecs, and Olmec are Similar because they are all good at farming. They are similar again because they all have farming spaces. One difference about them is that the Maya got sap from trees.
They are similar with math and science because they all have stars, moon, and planets . Another similarities are that they all have calendars. They are different because the Aztecs have bridges and the others don't.

They are all similar with writing because they all use symbols to write. Another way they are similar is that they all have calendars. A difference is that the Maya wrote books and the others didn't.
They are similar with there trade because all of them traded goods. Another similarity is that they all have trading markets . One difference is that the Aztecs traded lake salt and the others didn't.
Social Organization
One similarity is that they all have temples. Another similarity is that they all had Religious leaders. One difference is that Olmecs believe in the jaguar god and the others don't.
They are similar in community because they all had towns, cities, and villages. Another reason why they are similar is that they have a lot aof people that lived in Maya, Aztec, and Olmec. They are all different because the Maya hunted and the others didn't.

They are similar with art because they all are good at art. Another similarity is that they all built temples. One difference is that the Olmec built statues, masks, and heads.
Ancient Civilizations of meso-America
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