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No description

Alexa Murphy

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Tablets

History of Tablets
More Tablets...
Nokia came out with the first Internet Tablet in 2005.

Tablet Touch Technology
Variety of Storage Sizes
How it started...
Were You Paying Attention?
Tablet Sizes
Tablets come in a variety of sizes. Everything from 7 inches-11.1 inches & up.
Price Ranges
Tablets can range anywhere from $55.99-$3,293 The features and memory are factors that contribute the overall price.
The Failed Tablet
In 2002 Microsoft launched the Microsoft Tablet PC. This device
due to useability and pricing.
Here are a few well known brands:
Operating Systems Include...
Intel Video
- GRiD Systems released first portable tablet-type computer.
- AT&T released the first official tablet.
- Apple released the Apple Newton
Visual Land Connect Android Tablet
Panasonic Tough book Tablet

Basic Features
Front and Rear Camera
Expandable Storage
Micro HDMI
A tablets storage rages from 8GB-128GB.
Tablets began with the use of a stylus.

Today tablets are usually made with a
Capacitive Touchscreens
, which respond to the human body's electrical properties. Although some tablets use
Resistive Touchscreens
which rely on pressure.
Windows 7
windows 8
Who created the first Internet tablet, & in what year?
What's the name of the company that produced the "failed tablet" in 2002?
What year was the first official tablet released in?
By: Alexa Murphy
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