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Mr. Stack

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of THE TURTLESHIP

The Turtle ship, also called the Kobukson was a ship used in the Korean v.s. Japanese 7 year war and defeted japan AND stopped a whole invasion and save Korea. Its features were:

-Spikes on back to impale any enimies who tried to attack the crew.

-Cannons on all sides one front below dragon head and one under the batting ram tail on the back and many on the sides.

-Dragon head that shot one of these choises-Fire-Toxic fog that confused ships and poisoned its crew-MORE cannons.

-Shot Iron Arrows instead of cannon balls so they would fly through the air for longer range.

The man who created the turtle ship was Admiril Yi Sun-shin, A famous naval comander and he lead his ship into battle and made a whole fleet of Japanese War ships who were invading turn and run. He was shot and died by a stray bullet in the final battle in Noryang november 1598. His troops managed to win that battle.
When was the the Turtleship created?
The Turtle ship was created in 1573 and defeted japan from invading korea. Admiril Yi Sun-shin fended off the japanese invaders with his Turtle ship.
Admiri's war diaries
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