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Chewing Tobacco

a public service announcement on chewing tobacco

mitchell heinricks

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Chewing Tobacco

Chewing Tobacco Results Some Effects Are:
Decay of gums, lips, jaw, and tongue
Bad Breath
Yellow Teeth
Lung Cancer
holes in jaw, cheeks, and lips
Can lead to jaw removal surgery
As well as a very disfigured face ATTENTION ALL CHEWERS!!! Some of the chemicals that are necessary to be put on a pack of ciggarettes or a tin of chew are Nicotine, nicotianine, and tobacco acid or malic acid are the necessary chemical ingredients to advertise. Some other chemicals found in chewing tobbaco are:
Cadmium: used in car batteries
Formaldehyde: embalming fluid
Lead: a poison
Nicotine: an addictive drug
N-Nitrosamines: cancer-causing chemical
Polonium 210: nuclear waste
Acetaldehyde: irritant
Hydrazine: toxic chemical
Benzopyrene: cancer-causing chemical
Uranium 235: used in nuclear weapons
Sodium: salt, can cause high blood pressure
Sugar: can cause cavities
Fiberglass and Sand: abrasives Short Term Effects (hours, days, weeks)

Nicotine in chewing tobacco

Makes your heart beat faster.

Can unnaturally decrease your appetite.

Can cause white leathery sores to form where chewing tobacco is held in the mouth.

Can cause addiction to nicotine.

Long Term Effects (months, years)

Development of cancer of the mouth and throat.

Irregular heart rates and high blood pressure.

Tooth and gum disease, bad breath, mouth sores and sensitive teeth. Apart from smoking's well-known dangers to anyone, such as increased risk for heart disease and cancer, women who smoke during pregnancy are at greater risk for giving birth to low-birthweight babies.
The chemicals that most affect the foetus and its healthy development are nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, although arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde and creosote are in no way good for the baby to inhale There are many aids to help you quit chewing or smoking such as: Certain medicinal drugs, nicotine patches to cure the addiction, hypnosis and psychological therapy, nicotine gum, and many more alternatives. three harmful effects of smoking in the respritory system are:
cancer in the mouth esophagus and lungs. Chewing or smoking will both leave significant amounts of tar in your lungs which will cause harmful effects later on in life. doing either of these things is also guaranteed to speed up your heartrate and cause you to have a loss of breath.
Three things that effect other systems of your body are:
other types of cancer including pancreatic and kidney cancer, heart disease, and cavities in your mouth.
Although the health risks of either smoking or chewing are quite clearly advertised i think that the two main reasons people still choose to do this is because they are either insecure with who they are as a person or they need attention and cant get it by simply being themselves. THE END
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