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I am the Messenger

No description

Michael Pavel

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of I am the Messenger

I am the Messenger
Ed Kenedy- Ryan Gosling
Ed is the main character in I am the messenger. Like everyone else, he is a normal person. His job is being a cab driver. he has lots of challenges before him. his challenges are to figure out and complete playings cards he has received. After doing all this it has changed his confidence.
Marv-Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Marv is one of Ed's good friends. One of Marv's problems he started out was with a girl. He got her pregnant and she had to go because her father did not want her staying there with Marv. He has 40,000 dollars saved up to fix the problem with her. Marv drives an old car that does not work well and is criticized for that.

Ritchie-Shia Labeouf

Ritchie (aka David Sanchez) is another one of Ed's friends. He is 20 years old and he is very lonely. He gets up at night sits in the kitchen listens to the radio. After all of this he finally brings his problem to Ed. He told him all he wanted to do is to want.

Darryl and Keith

Daryl and Keith Are two men who work for the person who is sending Ed the playing cards. Both are funny when they are paired up together because they argue with each other. One time they came into Ed's house and were eating meat pies in his house. They also bullied Ed to keep doing the playing cards.
by Markus Zusak
Located in the same shaggy town.
Events: What happens at the bank, is a robbery. This gets the whole story started. Ed stops the robbery, and gets the gun man arrested. After doing this, he is named a hero.
(Man vs Self)
(Man vs. Man)
(Man Vs. Man)
(Man vs Society)
(Movie Theater)
The movie theater on Bell street was just another place Ed had to go to, just another mission. The location is an old movie theater. There, he meets Bernie Price, the cinema's owner. After watching a movie, Ed comes back with Audrey, and they watch another. Just him and Audrey, and Bernie. Here, Ed receives his final card. Hearts.
Located in the same town.
Events: At this church, is a priest, and he is one of the massages Ed has to figure out. For this priest, Ed throws a party at the church, with free beer and food. This helps the priest get more people to attend his church.
(Ed's Home)
In Australia.
Located in a poor town, past the outskirts of the city.
Ed lives in a crappy, old shack.
Events: This is where Ed, Ritchie, Marv and Audrey usually play cards.
Also, this is where Daryl and Keith visit Ed for the first time.
(Man vs Society)
(Man vs Self)
Symbolism is literary device that contains several layers of meaning, often concealed at first sight, and is representative of several other aspects/ concepts/ traits than those that are visible in the literal translation alone. Symbolism is using an object or action that means something more than its literal meaning.

When Ed gives the empty box to Sophia he is trying to tell Sophia's father that she runs better without her shoes on. Ed watches Sophia run in the morning all the time and can see that she always is bare foot, so Ed thinks she should do her races in bare foot then she will do better.
(Running Track)
(The Stones of Home)
The Stones of Home is the place where Ed Kennedy got his second message. He got a card in the mail reading "Say a prayer at the Stones of Home", leading him to the next three destinations. Ed knew of this location because him and his younger brother used to go there when they were a bit younger.
Foreshadowing: My hand shivers as I bend down and open the latch. I reach in. I touch something cold and heavy. My finger touches the trigger. I shudder. (Page 81)

Foreshadowing is a term or phrase that sets stage for a story to unfold, giving the reader a hint about what is about to happen next. This quote does exactly that, when it says he touches the trigger that obviously is meaning it’s a gun and he is supposed to use it on the man in Edgar Street.
The use of irony in literature refers to playing around with words such that the meaning implied by a sentence/word is actually different from the literal meaning.

Ed's dog the doorman is supposed to be a guard dog but the animal is clearly inept to guard anything whatsoever besides his food bowl. It's ironic because why would you have a guard dog if it doesn't do anything to guard you.
Flashback is a literary device where the writer or author tells the occurrence of specific events to the reader which have taken place before the present time, or events that have happened before the events that are currently being unfolded in the story.

The book never takes us through the the scene where Marv impregnates Suzanne. So we find this out through Marv's discussion with Ed, Marv has to flashback or recall on the night so he can remember what to tell Ed.
The literary device ‘mood’ refers to a definitive stance the author adopts in shaping a specific emotional perspective towards the subject of the literary work.

On pages 333 to 335 Ed is dancing with Audrey and is telling her how he feels about her and through the words the author uses like "my shirt feels like cement" and " I feel like I have anvil shoes." These phrases really tell how nervous Ed is because of what he is going through with Audrey.
On his third mission, Ed Kennedy finds out about Sophie. She is a girl that likes running barefoot in the morning, and goes to running competitions during the day. Ed first took notice of her in the street, when she was running towards the track. After that, he kept visiting her there while she was running. The track was also placed around the field where the annual Sledge game took place.
This dog is about
as good of a guard
dog as Ed's dog.

Audrey is Ed's best friend. Ed is secretly in love with her but she doesn't feel the same way. She has a boyfriend named Simon. Audrey said she doesn't want to date him because they're friends. At the end, Ed finally hooked up with Audrey, and they started going out.

Audrey, Ed,Ritchie, and Marv play cards together

Daryl and keith argue with eachother
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