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Cell Phone Classical

what do phones do how can a phones capabilities be used in the classroom and beyond.

stephen connell

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Cell Phone Classical

The cell phone: CLASSical A phone can do:

smart accessories Iphone

build video stories - application for video maker
photo development and manipulation apllications
Flashcards application - can be used for revision lessons and by SEN students in class.
export photos and videos in a flash
social netwroking can pool data really quickly
e mail sharing
google maps
application for looking at astronomy
ENDLESS APPLICATION USES for science lessons continuously developing

Video can be useful in a science lesson by enabling students to video rates of reaction for example or in physics by videoing motion and timing it with the timeline of a video. Photos could be used in a science lesson for imagingkey points from textbooks or from experiments Emails will be very useful for pooling data in the class the pupils can colaborate their data with the click of a button on their smart phones Texting has limited use but it can still be used with mms sharing pictures of experiments or helping to visualise certain things getting the pupils to be creative with their english in messages to help explain it to others in the room could be a clever idea e.g The silent lesson??? the phone contains a variety of silly basic progammes such as the calculator and stopwatch that can become handy in a laboratory with little equipment all of the extras can be manipulated to help students benefit from science lessons. References:
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