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Carbon (C)

Zaman University - Cambodia Chem 106 Assignment 4

Sorn Pisal

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Carbon (C)

Introduction of carbon into a metallic lattice generally results in a harder, less ductile substance with lower electrical and thermal conductivities What is Carbon element? Example of the compound mix with carbon Conclusion Carbon is Hard Carbon has an atomic number 6, it represent C as symbol in the periodic table.
The physical properties of carbon is solid, the density of diamond is 3.515 g/cm3,and for the graphite is 2.267 g/cm3.
Crystal structure of carbon is simple hexagonal and diamond. Carbon has less ductile substance with lower conductivity diamond hexagonal Carbon is possible for many atom to link up to form giant covalent structure or lattice, especially, the atom is non-metal. The best example is diamond, which is created from the pure carbon connected each other. And in real-life diamond is one of the hardest thing in world. Carbon is the metallic lattice so it has a very melting and boiling point because of the strong covalent bond network as we showed above. So that why carbon has a poor conductivity. Carbon is hard because of its crystal structure has a hexagonal and diamond.
Electron are not free to move in the metallic structure, so that why it make it have a lower electrical.
Carbon have a strong covalent network, which make has a high milting and boiling point, so that why it has a low thermal conductivity. Another example is carbon steel that that are use in the construction side, which is the combinations of carbon and iron and other properties to make the steel is much stronger. Example of the compound mix with carbon For carbon, it usually have a poor conductor of electricity because electron are not free to move as they can in the metallic structure. Carbon has less ductile substance with lower electrical Carbon is Hard Also, this produces a very strong 3 dimensional covalent bond network or lattice, such as diamond. Present by Pisal Sorn
Zaman University
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