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Package Tour to Rio de Janeiro

Trip to Rio is an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Having been there, you will understand that Rio is worth every penny you spend. In Rio everything is possible, and even more.

Darya Shirokova

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Package Tour to Rio de Janeiro

Package Tour to Rio de Janeiro
The Carnival of Brazil
Is a rhythmic wonder that allows you to sing, dance, and parade at the same time
The top 8 most visited attractions in Rio
Trip to Rio is an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.
God created the world in six days... And on the seventh day He created Rio de Janeiro
The most comfortable flight will be by British Airways (from 279 to 400 euros) or by Airfrance (from 221 to 350 euros)
The most expensive flights are in winter, the cheapest ones are in July
You arrive at the International Airport Antonio Carlos Jobim
Copacabana Mar
Hotel offers 96 rooms distributed along 12 floors served by 3 elevators. The low rates below are available when you use our free booking service.
Summer is probably Rio's most popular season. It starts to get hotter around October, and summer vacations start in mid-December
The tropical summer sun is very hot after 10 a.m. If you have fair skin (and even if you don't), take it easy and do not push your luck.
Summer nights are fresher, but not necessarily fresh.
We want to suggest you a tour to Rio de Janeiro

For whom - for a group of 3-6 people.
The duration of the tour - 10 days.
Our journey begins in Moscow, where we reach by express train. The cost of the ticket is 3000 rubles
The flight to Rio is from Domodedovo Airport and lasts for 17 hours
Swimming Pool;
Convention Room;
Laundry Service;
Air Conditioning;
Room Service;
Internet Access;
Cable TV Channels
Welcome to Rio
DAY 1 - Get used to Rio's time zone, explore the area around your hotel, and soak up some rays at the beach
DAY 2 - Visit the popular West Side beaches of São Conrado and Barra. Shopping opportunities
DAY 10 - Byuing souvenirs and gifts to friends and relatives, checking out and going home
DAY 4 - Continue to see the city, dipped again in its beauty
DAY 3 - One of the busiest days of visiting the most beautiful and famous places in Rio
DAYS 5-9 - Rio offers you to dive into the unique atmosphere of the Brazilian carnival
Eat in Brazilian
Tour schedule
Eating out in Rio does not have to be an expensive experience. Even at sophisticated restaurants there are dishes such as saladas or pasta priced US$25.
Here you can find a wide range of seafood. However lobsters and shrimps can be expensivish. Country specialty steak is proudly served in large portions.
On the bright side Brazilian wines can be of excellent quality
When it comes to drinks...
Or go to the places that make you feel back home like KFC, McDonald's, Subway and Starbucks.
If you need food on the go you can check out the local snack bars that offer specialties such as a sandwich made to order and a large cup of açai juice.
- ask your maitre d' for advice.
you know the
sky is the limit.
The Samba School Parade at Rio´s Sambodrome is something everybody has to experience at least once in life
Watching on TV is cool, but not half as much fun as being there
Rio de Janeiro style
This samba marathon is more than a show - it's also a fierce competition
Music is another major aspect of all parts of carnival
In 2012, more than 2 million revelers took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro to participate in the Samba School Parade
For a ticket to Moscow you will spend 2,500 rubles
Two tickets (round trip) for aircraft worth 27,000 rubles
The cost of room for 9 nights 40,000 rubles
Money to spend 30,000 rubles
All in All : 100000rubles
At the pleasure of visiting Rio you spend
Unlike Street Carnival the Samba Parade is not free. Tickets are actually quite expensive, but more than worth the investment.
The parade starts at 9 p.m. and goes on until sunlight the next day, around 6-7 a.m.
Enjoy your trip)
Thank you for your attention!
Having been there, you will understand that Rio is worth every penny you spend.
In Rio everything is possible, and even more.
Climatic Conditions
Rio de Janeiro - the city of dream
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