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Vietnamese Water Puppetry

No description

Brittany Kouba

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Vietnamese Water Puppetry

Began in Northern Vietnam
Red River Delta
Rice Paddies
Evidence since 12th century
Originally used to celebrate end of rice harvest
Religious festivals
Important occasions
Some used water puppetry to satisfy spirits
Originally no words
Vietnamese Water Puppetry
Múa rối nước
"Puppets that dance on water"

Brittany Kouba
In the middle of a pond or water basin
Puppeteers behind in stage house or pagoda
have to stand in water
Often spotlights and colorful flags
All settings deal with village life
Chu Teu
Recognized by smile
Wears red vest & loincloth
Always shows belly
Criticizes and laughs at other characters
Introduces play before other characters come on stage
Usually include animal battles, acrobatics, comic scenes, short interludes
Everyday activities: farming, duck-feeding
Entertainment: horse-racing, swinging, lion/dragon dances, sword fighting
Triumph of national heroes: Trung Sisters' Uprising Movement
Uses satire and double meaning
Proud of rice farming

Hand carved from light durable wood
Painted with five layers of colorful lacquer paint
1 1/2 - 3 feet tall
Appearance reflects gender, characteristics, age, social level
Outfits reflect time period
Mounted on frames or attached to long poles
Movement comes from
Movement of water
System of rudders of floats in controlling machine
Sit to side of stage
Originally just drum
Change in tempo shows emotions
Cymbals, two sided drum, flutes, gongs, one-stringed monochords, anceint-style guitars, other instruments assoicated with North Vietnamese Opera

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