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EnCon Construction Technologies

No description

Amelia Plastina

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of EnCon Construction Technologies

A modern state of the art, green certified, environmentally friendly system to manufacture and supply quality exterior and interior wall panels and floor and roof slab all made of green natural aggregates and building materials.
EnCon Nanocrete Solutions
EnCon Road Construction
The leader in the development, distribution and application of organic liquid polymers and amines formulations for the global road and building construction industries.
The latest technology in amorphous ribbon heating elements. The patented 25 micron thick amorphous metallic alloy ribbon heating element has proven to be significantly more effective in operation and cost than conventional water heating or cable heating systems.
Social Housing
Through a unique strategic partnership with a group of strong international companies, EnCon is able to provide the client with a complete turn-key solution to the need for basic shelter on a grand scale
Cellular Concrete/ Foamcrete
Innovative concrete product which is produced by adding externally generated foam to a cement paste or mortar slurry mix.
Flexibility allows execution of any architectural design.
Social Housing
EnCon can provide an all inclusive turn-key solution to the problems of clean drinking water, renewable energy and badly needed adequate shelter.

Creating Job Opportunities
EnCon's proposal will include constructing a precast concrete fabrication facility that is state of the art, and will employ over 100 workers.
EnCon is currently pursuing proposals in the UAE, Chile, Africa, India, Syria and Lebanon
GU cement: HCA-MI, CSA A3001

Step 1: Continuous Generating System
No aggregate or rocks
Same drying time
Uses the native soil that is locally available
Performance & Durability
Environmentally Friendly
Testing and Quality
Testing During Production
Testing After Installation
Panels are safe at all levels, energy efficient, user friendly and culturally adaptable to its environment.
The structure, when completed will withstand all natural elements such as wind up to 155 MPH, heavy rain, earthquake, heat; and the test of time.
Building cost 40% less than conventional
Building time 40% to 50% faster than conventional
Quality 2 times better, with control over the finished product
Single family homes
Two story town house
Typical Tropical School
Community Center
This partnership can provide all of the necessary consultants, suppliers, contractors and manufacturers to completely build a fully functioning town.
Slag: HCA MI, CSA A3001

Water: city/ municipal water

Foam Agent: three types, ASTM C869

Protein base

Synthetic base

Protein/ synthetic blend
Foamcrete Generation Process
Man Power:
1 Person
Step 2: Continuous Production System
Man Power:
1-2 persons
Foamcrete Production Process
Determine the mix type
Slurry Production
Foam Generation
Measure and load
Mix concrete
Liquid polymer additive added to water
Self- leveling
Waterproof once dried
No additional heath and safety precautions
EnCon is a powerful molecular water solved compound, works as ion exchanger, performed out of Polymers of Amines and when mixed with pulverized “in situ” materials results in a concrete-like road base which does not require aggregate or cement powder.
Created a solid base that is far stronger, and more resilient than traditional stone filled bases
avoids problem of finding locations to dump native soil
Avoids shortages of local aggregates and expensive transportation costs
Allows for CKD and other waste products to be used as filler
Water impermeability
Simplicity and speed of application
EnCon remains permanent
No swelling or shrinkage of clay soil
Creating EnCon Roads
Step 1: Break down
Step 2: Apply EnCon
Step 3: Finish grade to the desired cross section
Step 4: Compact
Apartment Buildings
Civil housing
Club houses
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Fitting & Finishing
Dried Foamcrete
Nanocrete samples, sitting in water. NO CRACKS
Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings
Healthier and Safer Environment
Reliability and Durability
Service and Support
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