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Marklobe | Social Media Marketing

Marklobe is a Social Media Marketing Firm which offer different companies and brand to become Live on Net.

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Transcript of Marklobe | Social Media Marketing

Our Services We Generates Viral Action We Manage Your Pages We Keep your brand alive We Manage your Channels Increase your search performance Speak out loud using blogs Get engaged and interact with your customers We Create Company Profile Reach Targeted Audience Thats Your Space ! Know the customers need More Advertising Services Email Marketing SMS Marketing We Make Your Presentations! About Us Marklobe is a Social Media Marketing & Advertising Firm which helps its clients to be active on the social media through marketing and managing their pages on social media web. We are a group of passionate social media experts aiming to Revolutionize the Marketing experience in Pakistan. We believe in dream working atmosphere, hence each of our team member enjoys what he/she do.

We believe in creativity, hence the deep soul enchants a creative idea.

We are the enthusiasts, aiming to REVOLUTIONIZE the marketing experience. Power of Social Media EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION According to Internet Gurus, people will start living on net after 5 to 10 years. Social Media will be playing the major part in it. Number of tweets on twitter were 2 million daily in January 2009, which were increased to 40 million by January 2010 and 70 million at the moment. More than 1.2 billion users currently are using social media platforms for their social interactions and the numbers are increasing exponentially specially in Asia, having the largest growth rate of 65%. In Pakistan there are currently 6 million users using social media out of which 3.9 million are on Facebook. Revolution in Egypt of throne change is said to be brought because of social media web. The protesters used the social media to decide the place to gather and strategy. A message by HIRE US Market Your Brand Socially
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