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Gathering Blue Prezi

No description

Xavi Segel

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Gathering Blue Prezi

Prezi by Xavi Segel & Mark Gregory Gathering Blue Characters Relationship Between The Giver and Gathering Blue The main relationship between the Giver and Gathering Blue is that the people of both communities are heavily controlled by a group of superiors; either The Council of Guardians or The Committee of Elders. They both mislead their people, disguising the truth. In Gathering Blue the council controls their people by using fear tactics, "beasts". “So that they could capture her gift: her skill with the thread” (Gathering Blue 210). In The Giver, the people are assigned jobs, families, and rules, keeping them in place. Our Reactions to Gathering Blue We thought that Gathering Blue was a great book, and was very interesting. This book was powerful, and had a plot that allowed the reader to have a different perspective of the community. There was also a decision between The Giver, to choose a perfect society or a dangerous freedom. We think that people in 6th grade and up would really enjoy this book. Works Cited Lowry, Lois. The Giver. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1993. Print.

Lowry, Lois. Gathering Blue. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2000. Print.

"CoolNinja on DeviantART." CoolNinja on DeviantART. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Feb. 2013.

Borowitz, Katherine. "EMusic | Stimulating Curious Musical Minds | EMusic." EMusic. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Feb. 2013. By Lois Lowry Rising Action Exposition Inciting Incident Climax Falling Action Conclusion Fraytags Pyramid Gathering Blue is about a girl named Kira who has a weaving talent. Her arch nemesis, Vandara, takes advantage of her when Kira's mother dies, bringing her to the Council of Guardians to be exiled. “I will take her to the Council of Guardians” (Gathering Blue 17). Kira is allowed to stay in the Council Edifice, but only if she repairs the Singer's robe. An old weaver named Annabella has to teach Kira the dyes, and lures her to the fact that the council is controlling her. Soon Annabella mysteriously dies. “A sudden death, he had explained, the way death often came to those of great age” (Gathering Blue 140). While Kira is in the Council Edifice, she finds a little girl named Jo, who is a very talented singer. “Gently she touched the small shoulder. “Jo,” she said softly” (Gathering Blue 149). At a huge ceremony called The Gathering, Kira notices that the singer has chains around his legs. “Between his thick ankle cuffs, dragged heavily as he made his way slowly from the stage, was a chain” (Gathering Blue 211). Kira then finds out that the council was controlling her valuable talents. “So that they could capture her gift: her skill with the thread” (Gathering Blue 210). Kira’s friend, Matt, leaves the community to find the weaving color blue, but he also finds a man named Christopher from a far off community. It turns out that he is Kira's dad and wants her to come back with him to a safer community, but she chooses to stay in her community and help. “Goodbye,” Kira whispered, and hugged her father” (Gathering Blue 215). Kira is friendly and compassionate. “Kira put her lips on Jo’s forehead” (Gathering Blue 152). Christopher is very gentle and humble. “This man seemed to be both friendly and courteous” (Gathering Blue 192). CHRISTOPHER KIRA THEME There are several themes in Gathering Blue, but the most important one has to be control. Control is also the main theme in The Giver. Another theme is fear, because most of the people in Gathering Blue are afraid of the dark forest, beasts, and many other common hazards. "She saw Vandara lean down and pick up a rock the size of a tyke’s fist. 'We don’t want you here.'" (Gathering Blue 16). (CoolNinja on DeviantART) Jamison is a devious trickster, who uses fear to influence people of the village. “The woods are filled with them. Never stray past the village limits. Do not go beyond the path” (Gathering Blue 128). JAMISON Matt is very adventurous, and giving of himself to his friends. “He be gettin a giftie for his friends” (Gathering Blue 164). MATT Thomas is helpful and kind, yet simple. “Thomas seemed to know how things worked. He would be a help” (Gathering Blue 69). THOMAS (Borowitz, Katherine) Setting & Conflict The setting is in a post-apocalyptic community taking place slightly after The Giver. Gathering Blue is also located somewhere in a forest like environment. Both communities have the conflict of character vs society. In The Giver Jonas has to stand up against the Council of Elders, while Kira has to face Jamison and the Council of Guardians.
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