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An Alternative Approach to Global Health Services

No description

Allen Reesor

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of An Alternative Approach to Global Health Services

An Alternative Approach to Global Health Services
501 C 3 incorporated in 2011
Quality of life for Disability services - Canada
After school assessment - India
Education Studies - Ghana, Dominican Republic
Advocacy for Children- Haiti
Business Management - China
School program assessment - Haiti
Community health and adoption - Philippines
Micro finance - Ukraine, Congo
Pre-teen moral formation - UK, US
Research Group
Medical experience
Pediatric Nursing
International healthcare Mgmt
Health Networks

15 countries
Cultural intelligence
Project management in 56 countries
Metrix Resources
MHS Proposal
Primary Contact & Medical Resource

Linda Reesor ARNP, PhD

Metrix Group - contractual
International contacts
Travel & PR
Host services
International Networks
Romania, Ukraine, Poland

Colombia*, El Salvador
Argentina, Peru
Mexico*, Costa Rica

Haiti*, Jamaica Dominican Republic

Lebanon*, Egypt
No employee benefits
Simultaneous presence
15 yrs networking
Experience (cumulative)
30 years medical
60 years international & local business
Grant writing and fund raising
Event planning & donor relations
Volunteer management
MRG Benefit
MRG local language/English contacts in network countries
Local multilingual team:

Advanced degrees
Undergraduate degrees

An International Solution
A native of Colombia.
Inter-disciplinary urban and rural economic research with the Andes University, Bogota.
15 years consulting in community development, capacity building, and management in 15 countries, primarily in Latin America.
B.A. in Economics and M.B.A. in Int. Business.
MRG Team
MRG Team
Astrid Cortes
25 years of Cross-Cultural engagement
Lived or worked in more than 20 countries throughout Africa as well as Albania and Afghanistan.
Program implementation and executive leadership at national and regional levels
Focus in project management to ensure nationals are respected and mentored to strengthen their country’s infrastructure
Jim Kline
MRG Team
Lived in Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Qualifications and certifications
ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner)
Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Educator
Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor
BLS (CPR) instructor
Ph.D. – International nursing “evidence-based research with reality-based application”
Linda Reesor
Allen Reesor
Raised in India and lived in Haiti and Dominican Republic
Past Executive Director of Broward Outreach Centers and Metadigm Group
Background in community ministry, development & global research
Managed projects in over fifty countries.
Doctor of Ministry - Barry University

Jay Harman
Beth Harman
20 years of experience to the group in Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Organization, and Operations
Director of Financial and Administrative Operations, College of Allied Health at NSU
Master’s degree in Education Law and MBA
Experience at the local, state, national and international levels:
nuclear engineering
information technology
facilities management
project management
Over 35 years of management complemented by a dedication to community
Master’s degree in Engineering Management and an MBA
Andrea Gregg
Lived overseas as a child
Education Director at Hollywood Art & Culture
Coordinator of Kids Sailing into Their Future
BBA in Elementary Education
Mother of 3
China*, Philippines *
South Korea

India*, Nepal*, Afghanistan*

Uganda*, Ethiopia, Zambia
Kenya*, Ghana, Rwanda*
South Africa, Swaziland*
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