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Introductory Paragraphs

A few different ways on how to write an introduction to an essay.

Rafael Sabio

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Introductory Paragraphs

What are introductory paragraphs?
Introductory Paragraphs
Paragraphs used to start an essay.
Paragraphs that capture the audience's attention.
Paragraphs that introduce background to the essay.
What are the 3 new introductory paragraphs?
The Turnabout Introduction
Starts with several lines either for or against something
Then there is a sentence or two that are used as segues into the thesis
The final sentence is the thesis and is opposite of all of the other sentences.
A basic formula to remember for this essay is +, neutral, then - or -, neutral, then +
The Funnel Introduction
Starts with something general and vague
As the paragraph continues, the details become more specific
Finally, the thesis is a very specific idea
Remember that the funnel starts general and ends specific
The Quotation Introduction
This may be the most fun and easiest introduction
The body of the introduction can be any style
However, there must be a quote somewhere in the paragraph; the quote must be relevant to what you are writing about.
The quotation can be at the beginning, the middle, or at the end of the paragraph. Most quotes start with, "(insert name) once said, ..."
To Review, the three new introductory formats are the turnabout, funnel, and quotation introductions.
These 3 new styles are added to the others you have already learned (i.e. narrative, persuasive, surprising, and informative formats)
Does anyone have any questions about the....
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