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Let's Get REAL

No description

Sandy Harvey

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Let's Get REAL

Let's Get REAL
Interpretive Mode
Intermediate Interpretive
Novice Interpretive
Novice Interpretive

What can the novice learner do?
Respond to simple questions on the most common features of daily life
Convey minimal meaning by using
isolated words
lists of words
memorized phrases
an occasional short, simple sentence
Ask memorized, formulaic questions

What can the intermediate learner do?
Can be a "conversation" partner
Ask and answer simple questions
Can handle basic uncomplicated language needed to take care of daily situations
"Create" with language to express their own thoughts
Do the above by using sentences, strings of sentences and sentence connectors
Answer the following questions in complete sentences in English.
1. What is the first girl’s name?
2. What is the guy’s name?
3. Where is the first girl from?
4. Where is the guy from?
5. What is the second girl’s name?
6. Where is she from?
7. What do girl #2 and the guy do when they meet each other?


Intermediate Interpretive
Novice Interpersonal
Intermediate Interpersonal
Mi lámpara no funciona. Iba a leer, pero la luz no encendió.

Novice Presentational
Intermediate Presentational
Group Code: ptwtqu
Group Name: TFLA 2013 Get Real
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