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The Holocaust: What would happen if Jews didn't wear their s

No description

Makenna Phillips

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Holocaust: What would happen if Jews didn't wear their s

The Holocaust: What would happen if Jews didn't wear their stars of David?
Jews Fined
If Jews got caught without the star of David, Nazis would find the Jews and Tax them. Amount of money deepened on the situation most likely. (Badge, Jewish)
Some Jews without the star of David would be imprisoned. Jews would hide their star by covering it up with clothing so they wouldn't be forced into labor. (The Yellow Star (part 2)
Shot and killed
If Jews were found without the Star of David, they were shot and killed right away.
If you were in the holocaust as a Jew and you were walking on the street without your star someone could shoot you.
(Jewish Badges During The Holocaust)
Catchers were people that were hired to search for Jews that didn't wear their star. The Jews were tortured until they admitted they were Jewish. (The Story of Stella Goldschlag)
If Jews were found without their stars, they could be fined, shot, imprisoned, and killed. Catchers were people that were hired to look for Jews that were not wearing their stars.
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