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How and why we use technology

Reasons to use technology in the classroom

Cathy Ziebarth

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of How and why we use technology

How and why we use technology Teachers integrate technology because.. Students are ready, they live in a tech driven society How teachers use technology For individualized assessment To introduce new concepts and create presentations For classroom management and record keeping Need to Know web 2.0 wiki blog licensing freeware shareware packet protocol network professional development social network p2p pixel chat repsonsibility constructivism Bloom's new
taxonomy touchscreen whiteboard digital
citizens iPod upload download objectives proceedures browser storyboarding NETS-T Overhead
projectors Digital World, Teachers Today Cathy Ziebarth
April 25, 2010 Given a choice, students will
choose a tech related
project for learning. It’s cross curricular
reinforces previous learning. To increase understanding
and exploration It allows teachers to differentiate learning
and offer students
a choice. It is more engaging Smartboards Computer labs GPS document camera photostory keyboarding click here, click ESC to exit
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