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The Business out of the Box (BoB) Social Franchise Model

Business out of the Box (BoB) is a social franchise model created by Scadding Court Community Centre. This prezi provides an interactive introduction into what BoB is and how it works. For more info: http://scaddingcourt.org/business_out_of_the_box

Nikki Toten

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of The Business out of the Box (BoB) Social Franchise Model

The Business out of the Box (BoB) Social Franchise Model
First - a bit of background
Step 1: Visioning
Having a clear goal and set of objectives is essential and will shape your project so what are you trying to achieve? Do you want to....
economically empower a particular target group? (eg. newcomers, youth, artists)
revitalize and animate a particular neighbourhood or underutilized space? And in turn, improve the health, safety or community cohesion of that neighbourhood?
fill a good or service gap in your community? (eg. access to healthy, affordable food)
create innovative, affordable housing?
Step 2: Call in the pros!
We are thrilled you see the potential of this model! And we are even more excited to help you get there. Once you have your vision, we recommend reaching out to us to see how we can partner on moving forward. We will bring the full force of our experience, knowledge, partners, and pro-bono services to support the success of your vision.

Contact us at 416-392-0335 or marketplace@scaddingcourt.org

But keep reading to learn more about the BoB process...
What does the process look?
Each site has its own unique process, depending on the size, approval processes, and target vendor group. Generally speaking though, the process looks something like this:
1. Pre-Planning
Site selection
Community Asset Mapping & Market Analysis
2. Design & Installation
Site plan and zoning approvals
Determining container and infrastructure needs
3. Set-up and Ongoing Considerations
Vendor selection & orientation
Marketing & communications strategies
Ongoing vendor supports
Ongoing community engagement
Want to learn more? Check out our website and BoB Guide at www.scaddingcourt.org/business_out_of_the_box
But - how much is this going to cost?
Love the idea? Great! Now what?
Here's the best news of all: the Business out of the Box model is based on
sound economic principles
! What does that mean? It means that this is a financially sustainable model for everyone involved including the franchisor (SCCC), the site operator (you) and the vendors.

BUT - since everyone asks, here's a snapshot of the capital investment costs:
• Retrofitted shipping containers can range in price from $17K for a relatively basic 20ft container to $50K for a 40ft container divided into 4 units;
• We recommend food vending units are outfitted with standardized kitchens (i.e. sinks, counters, ventilation hood) which start at approx. $8500;
• Electrical and water access, security and site beautification costs will vary.
So... how is that sustainable?
SCCC will work with you to determine the best initial investment strategy (eg. grants, SCCC or external investor, etc). From there, the model looks like:
After the initial payback, the model is able to fully fund the required project staff.
Thank you!
for exploring the Business out of the Box social franchise model with us!

For more information, contact us at 416-392-0335 / marketplace@scaddingcour.org or visit:
www.scaddingcourt.org/business_out_of_the_box or

We'll leave you with some words of wisdom from our vendors:
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