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No description

Linus Kendall

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of AIESEC & CC

AIESEC international connecting opportunities universities companies internships leadership global understanding network diversity communities virtual spaces impact values vision testesdgsa Over 8500 internships
in companies &organizations
offered to students each year 30 internships offered
in Sweden each year mostly in ICT sector over 1100 universities in the world 110 countries Each year 50-60 students
go abroad with AIESEC Each year 70 students take up
leadership roles in Sweden 6 local offices 200 members in Sweden ICT? AIESEC's work with ICT
is just starting.... We have expanded to KTH 3 years ago,
and now we are working with LTH, Linköping
and Chalmers to expand We are looking to provide the ICT
industry with the talent it needs,
incoming internships & ICT students
gaining leadership skills Virtual Leadership Virtual Communities Providing AIESEC
experience virtually Social Networks Virtual Teams
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