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Plant cell is like A zoo

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ashley arellano

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Plant cell is like A zoo

The nucleus of a plant cell protects the DNA information. It holds a special structure called the nucleolus which assembles ribosomes
The nucleus of a plant cell is like the head office of the zoo because it directs all the operations concerning the zoo (how it works? what happens within? etc.)
The mitochondria is like the attractions in the zoo because it collects tickets in exchange for entrance to exhibits, stores, and animal rides.
Powerhouse of the cell, acts like a digestive system. It takes in nutrients and breaks them down creating energy rich molecules.
Ribosomes are composed of protein and RNA. They are responsible for assembling molecules of specific amino acid to form a certain protein molecule, which is determined by the nucleotide sequence of an RNA molecule.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Endoplasmic Reticulum functions as a manufacturing and packaging system. Essentially a network of membranes found throughout the cell and connect back to the nucleus.
Cell wall
Cell wall of a cell is like the gates around a zoo. The cell wall like the gates are a stiff rigid structure that protect the cell and everything inside.
Chloroplast assists in harvesting and storing needed substances for energy production. It's responsible for producing amino acids and lipid components needed for chloroplast membrane.
Vacuoles are large containers. They are used to contain cellular waste and isolate materials that could potentially be harmful to the cell
Plant cell is like a zoo
Nucleus of a plant cell
cell membrane is like the entrance of a zoo because it allows visitors to come in, while restricting others to enter
Cell membrane keeps pieces inside, while also keeping bad things out. Has holes that allow things to come in and out.
Cell membrane
Dollars, coins, and checks are exchanged for tickets to the Zoo.
Money = energy that allows zoo to run itself
The Chloroplast of a plant cell is like the ticket booth at the Zoo
Money and tickets are stored here waiting to be given or used
The vacuole of a cell is like the cages and the storage buildings because they contain the animals and store food.
Food storage
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the pathways through the zoo that connect various areas
The pathways through the zoo are like the tubes and channels that connect organelles in a cell
Ribosomes are like the smaller attractions , such as, the rides, food booths, souvenir shops, and buildings where animal food is stored
These smaller attractions are like ribosomes because they prepare food, collect, and use money stored by other organelles.
The End
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