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Dystopian Society

No description

Javi Lopez

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Dystopian Society

Dystopian Society! A dystopian society is a bad place where bad things happen. Grand theft auto 4 is a very dystopian game its rated mature and all you do is kill people thats why i picked this game. The hurt locker is a very good movie and its about war what they do and what they go through in war and its a very dystopian movie thats why i chose it. The first artifact that I found was on the Chicago tribune. The headline was fed boss has faith in economic recovery, but jobs will be slow to come back. The story was mainly about how the economy is bad but it will get better. Bosses from companies have faith that it will all get better and it the economy will get better. Although everything is bad it will get better it is going to take some time it will take time to get jobs up but it will get back. That’s the news article that I read.

The movie hurt locker is a very good movie I recommend it. The hurt locker is about the army. It’s about the life that these troops live in their lives in the army. The hurt locker is very dystopian society by the way that they go to war and fight for their country and die for their country. They leave their families and risk their lives to protect our country its bad what they go through.

The song I chose was the people it’s a song by common. The song is very good and his lyrics are so good and he barely ever says bad words. The song is about how people are different everywhere and the things they do. It’s also about what we as Americans go through. How people everywhere no matter what should be good and show the youth to be good people. It’s a very strong song and he expresses everything so good and this song shows how our society is dystopian but it could be changed.

Instead of a news broadcast I chose a game that is very dystopian. The game is grand theft auto IV it’s rated mature and very scary. The game is about killing people and cops. You go through stories like to find the guy that betrayed you so you go through a lot of missions. You kill people throughout the game you have to get to the guy you are trying to get to and you gain money and respect while going through your story mode. It’s a very bad game and it’s all about killing people so it’s very bad and sometimes games influence kids to do bad things so this Is a very dystopian game.
http://vimeo.com/10525863 http://vimeo.com/935816
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