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Can we Live on Mars?

No description

Madeleine Student

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Can we Live on Mars?

Can we Live on Mars?
first people could be sent in 2025
Originally planned for 2023.
First they are going to send up a robotic leader with a communications satellite.
still not entirely sure exactly when.
Where is $6 billion dollars going to come from?
Getting the first people to Mars will cost around 6 billion dollars.
They are going to make a TV concept.
Lansdorp said he is going to try to make the most unique video that will be available in the solar system.
Who is Lansdorp?
He is the CEO of a company called Mars One.
He and Mars One are both dutch.
Lansdorp said, "You can't go to Mars on excitement"
What this mission will acomplish
Show how far humans have come.
It would be the first privately funded planetary exploration mission.
It will also lead the way for exploring other planets.
200,000 want to live on Mars
200,ooo people applied to be one of four astronauts.
You would not be able to come back to earth.
At the end of this year the people who made it to the next round will be told.

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