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Tengo, querer, y necesitar

No description

Allison Schneider

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Tengo, querer, y necesitar

Capitulo 2: Organizate
*Tener, Necesitar, y Querer Actividad 1: Tener To practice using the verb tener, each student will receive a slip of paper with a list of school supplies. Each student will ask their fellow classmates in Spanish if they have any of these items.
*Students will use the correct form of tener in both question and answer.* Actividad 2: Necesitar To practice using the verb necesitar, students will look at the following list of tasks below. Each student will write down what they need to complete each task using necesitar.

Modelo: to erase a mistake
Answer: Necesito una goma de borrar

1. to write a report
2. to carry loose paper
3. to make a poster for art class
4. to add up your bill
5. to do your geometry homework
6. to take notes in class
7. to carry your supplies
8. to look up unknown words Repaso: Results Realisation Que hay en tu cuarto? ¿Que hay en el cuarto? Over the past few weeks, we have talked about subject pronouns.
Remember that subject pronouns include:

I We
You You all
He/She They
What are the subject pronouns in Spanish? Yo Nosotros/as
Tú (informal) Vosotros/as (only in Spain)
Usted (formal) Ustedes (In most of L.A.)
El/Ella Ellos/as Vamos a ver...... Now, its time to conjugate tener, necesitar, and querer... Tener-to have
(yo) tengo
(tú) tienes
(él/ella) tiene

Where have we seen tener?

¿Cuantos años tienes?
Tengo 15 años.
¿Cuantos años tiene Elena?
Elena tiene 14 años.

Tengo que irme. We cannot forget to conjugate necesitar... Necesitar-to need
(yo) necesito
(tú) necesitas
(él/ella) necesita

To find out what someone
needs, you say:

¿Que necesitas?
Necesito un cuaderno.

Or, if you want to be specific with the need you may say:

¿Necesitas papel?
Si, necesito papel
No, no necesito papel. Querer-to want
(yo) quiero
(tú) quieres
(él/ella) quiere

To find out what someone wants, ask:
¿Que quieres?
Quiero un boligrafo.

Or, to be specific with the want you ask:
¿Jose, quiere una mochila?
Si, quiero una mochila.
No, no quiero una mochila. Yo quiero Taco Bell. What do you think that means? Actividad 3: Querer To practice using the verb querer, the teacher will take an item from a student's desk and ask:
Quieres un(a)___________?
The student will then respond by saying:
Si, quiero un(a)__________.
No, no quiero un(a)__________. To wrap things up for today........

1. Saquen una hoja de papel.
2. Write down the three verbs that we talked about today and their meaning in English.
3. Conjugate each verb in the yo, tu, and él/ella form.
4. Write your name and hour on your paper.
5. Turn in to be reviewed. Unas lámparas Una cama Una ventana Un reloj Unas sillas Un piso Un lápiz Una computadora La pared Un escritorio Una mesa El cuarto Que hay en la mochila? Un bolígrafo Un marcador Una regla Unos lápices En la mochila hay.... Un libro Unos lápices de colores Unas gomas de borrar Un cuaderno amarillo rojo
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