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period 3 george

No description

maryann carroll

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of period 3 george

Is it possible to cross-breed two totally different species?
Yes, but animals have to be closely related to mate.
Examples of animal hybrids
Tigon: an animal that can be bred only in the zoo. Its parents are the tiger and lioness. Liger: its parents are reversed-- a lion and a tigress produce this animal. Wholphin: A cross of a false killer
Tigons and Ligers
The tiger and lioness's/ lion and tiger's way of acting and environment cause their mating to be unlikely in the wild. The tigon and liger are like their parents in many ways, but are generally bigger and darker than both.
These creatures have been found to exist in the wild. Their size, color, and shape are split between their parents. Their number of teeth is even mixed, because a false killer whale has 44 teeth, and a bottlenose dolphin has 88. The wholphin has 66.
Zebroids are hybrids bred from zebras and other equines. These animals are a good example of hybrids bred from mammals that have an unsimilar number of chromosomes. An example is a zebra and a horse. Zebras have among 32 and 44 chromosomes (counting on the species) while horses have 64. Regardless, they can reproduce. There are also zoneys, zorses, zonkeys, and many alternative mixes.
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