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The late middle ages

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Abi Thiele

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of The late middle ages

Women In The Middle Ages
The main role of a women in the middle ages was to have and raise children, cook, clean, and sew
Women in the middle ages were greatly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.
Women were taught to be obedient to their husbands.
Monorialism is a social system were a peasant was dependent on their lord.
The system was found in France, England, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
People who were in the manorialism system lived on manors and were divided into social groups
Age Of Faith
The middle ages lasted from the fall of Western Roman Empire until AD 1400, many people have labeled this as the "Age Of Faith"
The church was very involved in culture and economy.
A lot of unification became present in Europe due to the churches dictatorship. Although, a lot of good came from this there was also negative impacts.
ST Augustine and Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest doctors of the church.
Augustine was bishop of Hippo.
The Crusades
The Crusades were a series of wars fought to control Holy Land.
The regions were both sacred to the Muslims and Christians.
The religious cause was to regain lost Holy Land Territory from Muslims.
The Magna Carta
The Magna Carta became the basis of English citizen's rights
It consisted of 37 English laws, some old some new.
It was written in 1215 by the most powerful barons of England.
Formation Of The English Parliament
The English Parliament was created to restore order in England
The Parliament emerged in the thirteenth century.
It is one of the most important institutions in the development of representative governments.
They both explored the faith and reason dichotomy.
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