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Hello, I am d.

No description

Daniel Feles

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Hello, I am d.

built in C++ (with openFrameworks)
refreq is a customisable music player. You can load music files into refreq, but also images (bitmaps, imgs, pngs). When you load a song, first the program analyzes the track, then it draws its frequency spectrum. After tracking, you can generate the spectral image / bitmap back into music. Likewise, if you load an image, according to pixel value to application scans the image based on the line you can position anywhere on the screen. Simultaneously you can move the line while the content is being played producing some quite interesting variations.
built in C++ (with openFrameworks),
python, JavaScript
Visualizing locative and time based data on distorted maps.
2.0 version (Ebullition) visualises and sonificates data pulled from one of the biggest news sites of Hungary, origo.hu.
One frame is one day, and on one day many things can happen. Depending on how many times a day the name of a city or a village is mentioned on the site, the map of Hungary dynamically distorts according to that number. The sound follows and sonfies that visual outcome, creating a generative ever changing drone.
Watch video here:
Collaborators: Krisztián Gergely, Attila Bujdosó, László Kiss and Gáspár Hajdu at Kitchen Budapest

selected works

built in Flex, AS3
In 2007, when I came to Kitchen Budapest (Media Lab in Budapest), they asked me, in what areas am I talented, and I answered Flash. They said, it’s cool, actually we have a project, and we need an ActionScript 3 developer for that. That was the first time, when i met with AS3, and Kitchen Budapest.

I worked about one year on the biggest spin-off of Kitchen Budapest.
After when Prezi separated from Kitchen Budapest, I stayed at KIBU, and I am very happy, that ZUI grown this big

ZUI was, and Prezi is a zooming presentation editor which allows you to easily create stunning presentations. With the help of Prezi you can create dynamic and visually structured zooming maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, drawings. Prezi has a very intuitive interface and support for online sharing.
Flash, AS3, homepage
collaborator: Tamás Bereznai (graphics)

selected works

Cloud application
Adobe Illustration, Concept
Animation Internship at Sowink Inc. San Francisco
After Effects

selected works

structure, interactive installation,
Arduino, openFrameworks
Last year in December we applied for Burning Man Art Grant, and we were selected to get a Burning Man Art Grant.
The project was really complex, from construction to PCB designing, marketing to financing, five of us had to solve every issues. For construction works and other artistic works, we selected 7 more people to work with us in San Francisco.
The artistic installation is a garlic-shape structure reacting the visitor’s resonances with light and projection.
The structure is divided into six cabins. The cabins are covered with UTOPLAST of recycled plastic overlay. The output is defined by the entering visitor and generated by her\his heart beatings.
We received extremely good feedbacks after the festival in emails and on our facebook page. It was a really good experience to work in a totally different environment like you can work on Ars Electronica in the exhibition area.
interactive installation
fellow workers: Andi Sztojánovits, Juli Laczko, Péter Debreczeni, Ádám Zsolt
more works on:
+36 30 720 8661
I am ready for a
new challenge...
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