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Bosnian Genocide

No description

Austin Hill

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Bosnian Genocide

Facts Genocide in Bosnia Area: Population: Birth rates: Death rates: Founded in: Bosnian Flag Death Toll Afterwards At the end of all the conflicts, over 8,000 males were executed.
This happened on July 11th, 2000
On the same day, 3,000 Bosnian Muslims, mainly women, were taken in 60 buses to Srebrenica for a short memorial ceremony.
There were many uprisings that resulted in many deaths.
In 2001 the women came once again, this time to see the unveiling of a monument to their dead.
For example in the Ahatovici massacre, sixty four males, young and old were taken and tortured to later be killed. 4,622,163 people 51,209 square kilometers National Anthem: "Zemljo Tisucljetna" By: Allie Link
Brittany Cicmanec
West Baldwin
& Austin Hill Bosnian Politics and Relations The US has democratic relations with Bosnia.
This would make bosnia a democratic nation
The conflicts of genocide were between the Muslims, Croats (Croations), Serbs (Serbians). Capital: Sarajevo Official Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian 8.89 births/1,000 population 8.91 deaths/1,000 population Early 12th century Currency: Marka Located: Next to Croatia, Montenegro, & Serbia Link to a Survivor
http://www.wsherc.org/teaching/nie_stories/08_selena.pdf Group Response •Genocide affects many generations by killing people of all ages.

•Many people are killed that could one day cure our sicknesses and diseases.

•We can make a difference by understanding past actions of genocide and learning from them.

•Learning from genocide is important because we can know what not to do.

•We would prevent genocide by being accepting to all cultures and religions. 4th period
December 11, 2012 Before the Genocide •Fall of communism= main cause of genocide in Bosnia.

•Communist president Tito died; he had held together the federation.

•Election was held in 1990 which brought nationalists to power in Croatia and Slovenia.

•Alija Izetbegoxic became Bosnia’s multi-ethnic government leader. Before the Genocide "Flag Of Bosnia And Herzegovina." (n.d.): Image Collection. Web. 6 Dec. 2012. "Bosnia Maps." University of Texas Libraries. N.p., 10 Nov. 2007. Web. 14 Dec. 2012. <http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/bosnia.html>. •The provinces of Slovenia and Croatia declared independence

•War quickly followed between Serbia and the breakaway republics

•Neighbors turned against each other Before the Genocide •Serbia set out to “ethnically cleanse” Bosnian territory

•They wanted to systematically remove all Bosnian Muslins (also known as Bosniaks)

•Bosniaks were driven to concentration camps During the war

http://images.nationmaster.com/images/motw/europe/western_balkans01.jpg http://srebrenica-genocide.blogspot.com/2010/04/you-can-see-cross-carved-on-my-chest.html
Serbs killed Bosnian civilian by guns, burning, bombing, grenades, etc.
Lasted from 1992-1995
United Nations deployed troops to help protect medicine distributed to Muslims
When the United States Bill Clinton demanded the atrillery against civilians, the Serbs complied with the demand
Time Line
February 29- Bosnia civilians vote for independence and it is boycotted by the Serbs
April 6- War started, the serbs take over Sarajevo, they occupy more than 70 percent of the country
Peace agreement fails in Bosnia and war breaks out between Muslims and Croats
April- United Nations sends troops to Bosnia and the attacks on Mulsims and Croats stop

March-United States arranged an agreement to stop the war between the muslims and croats
July 11-Serb troops capture eastern part of Srebrenica killing over 8,000 Muslim men
August- NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) performs an air strike on Serb troops
December 14- United States arranges a peace tready with Bosnia

Cause of the War
Croats and Muslims looked for indepedence
The leader of Bosnia called for independence, the Bosian Serbs were not very happy about that decision
Bosnias forces were restriced becuase of recent violence on Bosnian territory
The Serbs gained control of more than 2/3s of Bosnia
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