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Dear Dumb Diary #11 from the series by Jim Benton

A book about a girl named Jamie Kelly who lives a weird middle school life with her 2 best friends. It's not ordinary!

Hannah Officer

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Dear Dumb Diary #11 from the series by Jim Benton

Dear Dumb Diary 11 CHARACTERS Jamie Kelly Isabella Stinker the Dog Hudson Rivers Angeline MY OPINION I have been reading
this series since grade
1 and own 7 out of the
11 books. I think this is
a great book because it's
funny and that's usually
what I like to read. It's
also differenty and full of
problems that they fix in
weird ways! Isabella is a od child who is not like any other! She always is getting intotrouble and has been bestfriends with Jamie since preschool! They always back each other up! Especially when they ound out Angeline was going to be Jamie's step sister! Jamie is the owner of the diary! She writes, and draws about problems in her life and it is quite entertaining! Her best friend is Isabella and her step sister is the "beautiful" Angeline. This is amazingly funny and her thoughts are truly hilarious! Angleine is Jamie Kelly's step sister! She hypnotize's boys, like Hudson Rivers, with her long blonde hair and beautiful eyes! She has MANY ualities! She may look mean outside, and Jamie and Isabella may not like her, but hse is VERY nice! Stinker is Angeline's dog's "husband" and father to her babies! He is Jamie's dog and very funny! One of the books highights is how he is always messing up Jamie's stuff! Book 2, he ate her pants! Stinker is the best part of Dear Dumb Diary, or so I believe! Hudson is the silliest of them all! If writeing HIM a letter, you would say Dear Dumb Hudson! He is toattally clueless as to what goes on and is always distracted by Angilene or Jamie! ABOUT THE BOOK At the beginning of the book,
Jamie talks about her hair and
how she cut it, expecting that it would grow back long and beautiful, but things
aren't right! She says that its probably
so thick that maybe each hair hole has hairs crowding where only one used to! Jamie seems to always get herself into mischief wherever sge is! This one she talking behind her techers back. Her new science teacher as weird feet and her middle toe is two inches longer than he bigtoe! She kicks Isabella in the face because she dared Jamie to and hits! Isabella is scheming and you can always tell when! Jamie said that she has to disrupt her schemes before she go's through with it! Thats usually how it works! This book is bout a billion different things and the author, Jim Benton, always seems to connect them into one ending that can no sense, but makes ALOT of sense! She always says and mentions in her
diarys that Thursday is meat loaf day.
She said "The whole world must be
asking; how have we NOT run out of
meat loaf yet?" THIS IS SOME OF THE BOOKS
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