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Healthy Relationships

No description

Julia Cavaliere

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Healthy Relationships

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships
Healthy or Unhealthy??
Healthy Romantic Relationships
Shared responsibility and power
Separate identities
Personal Integrity
Body Autonomy
The Way out of an unhealthy relationship
Communicate with them about your unhealthy relationship
Ask them to respect your boundaries
If they don't, you have the full right to discontinuing the relationship
Topics we will cover:

Family Relationships

Romantic Relationships

Why People Stay in Bad Relationships

How to Get Out of an Unhealthy Relationship
Healthy Friendships
Good Communication
Both parties feel comfortable being themselves
Personal Boundaries are respected
Healthy Family Relationships
Mutual respect
Body Autonomy
(End at 2:00)
Unhealthy Friendships
Examples of Unhealthy and Healthy Romantic Relationships
Unhealthy Family Relationships
Unhealthy Romantic Relationships
Emotional, verbal abuse
Abusing authority
Examples of healthy and unhealthy friendships
Examples of Unhealthy and Healthy Family Relationships
Stop at 1 minute
Physical, emotional, sexual abuse
Little equality and respect
How to Get Out of an Unhealthy Relationship
Don't mistake addiction for love
Confront second party about your discomfort in the relationship
Don't feel in the wrong for leaving, you have every right to
If it is a physically abusive relationship, you can go to the police for assistance if you feel fear.
Even if it is not physically abusive, you can always seek the help of a close friend, relative, colleague or counselor
Why people stay in unhealthy relationships
Self Confidence
Even a bad relationship is better than none
Reliant on their partner
Peer pressure
Not knowing
Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationship Quiz
Tacoma Washington University <http://www.tacoma.washington.edu/studentaffairs/SHW/documents/Health%20topics/Healthy%20vs%20Unhealthy%20Relationships.pdf>
CMPD <http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/cmpd/organization/investigative/specialvictims/domesticviolence/pages/unhealthy%20relationship's%20characteristics.aspx>
DivineCaroline <http://www.divinecaroline.com/life-etc/friends-family/six-traits-unhealthy-friendship>
Edward and Bella link <http://twilightsaga.wikia.com/wiki/Bella_Swan_and_Edward_Cullen>
Anna and Kristoff picture <http://www.hypable.com/2013/10/30/frozen-clip-anna-kristoff-olaf-meets-marshmallow/>
Barney and Robin <http://tvtree.blogspot.ca/2012/09/himym-so-are-robin-and-barney-actually.html>
Getting out....
Debate Time!

You and your friend have a large argument which result in not talking with each other for a few days. This happens often in your friendship. Once you start talking to each other, you two work out the problem and become good friends once again. Soon after, your friend goes through a bad break up and comes to you to talk about it. You listen to your friend and wait patiently till they’re done to say anything. You comfort your friend for the next few days. Once your friend is over their break up, you notice that your friend is talking about themselves a lot. It bothers you and you finally tell your friend, and then you get into another disagreement.

Debate Time!

You and your older sibling disagree often about trivial matters. You feel like they are always trying to prove you’re wrong, and are always telling you what to do; you do not enjoy this. They find you often make mistakes, and want to correct you. You try to talk to them about it, but they answer that they’re just trying to teach you what’s best. You feel that this pressure is unneeded, and that you are able to take care of yourself. This escalates into an argument. Eventually you settle down, not wanting to make them more angry. Instead of fighting, you decide to keep your opinion to yourself; however, you are still in disagreement. You care about your sibling, but you feel they are too controlling. Surely they do care about you too; they just want to make sure you are always doing your best. Despite your differences of opinion, you are actually quite close, and enjoy many of the same activities. Your sibling’s controlling tendencies are really the only issue.

Debate Time!

You feel really comfortable around your partner, you are always honest to each other and you trust them. The two of you communicate, and respect each other. It’s the perfect relationship. Your partner tends to get drunk a lot however, and when they are drunk, they tend to pressure you into things that you do not want to do. That is the only bump in this otherwise perfect relationship
Your Turn
In groups of four, you will act out a 1-2 minute skit depicting a healthy or unhealthy relationship.

You will be evaluated on your demonstrated understanding of the topic.
What we covered today:

Healthy and Unhleathy:
Family Relationships
Romantic Relationships

Why people stay in bad relationships.

How to get out of an unhealthy relationship.
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