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November 16 - Setting Your Social Media Strategy

Brian Schulte, Rollins College Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center (c)

Brian Schulte

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of November 16 - Setting Your Social Media Strategy

Brian Schulte
Rollins College
Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center
November 16, 2012 Setting Your Social Media Strategy Why are we
here today? Agenda:
Social Media Strategy
Overview of Social Media Sites
Benchmarks & Best Practices
How to Integrate Social Media into Your Fundraising Plans Brief Introductions:
What you are hoping to learn today "We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it." - Eric Qualman Class Activity:
Name social media sites Name ingredients you would use for an ice cream sundae Best Practice for Social Media
Create a one-page information sheet
What is the project
Who is your target market
What is the goal
Is it a good use of time
The plan
Amount of time involved
Revisit at least every six months Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogs Other "Mainstream" Social Media Sites Strategy Measuring Social Media Website Other technology
to note... 4-7
X Best Practice per week Thank a ...
Staff Member Facebook is the new "web site"
Claim your location for "Check-ins" and pictures
Ask people to "tag" your organization in updates and list your organization in pictures
Facebook Insights
Causes on Facebook (also causes.com)
Interest lists
Facebook Gifts www.facebook.com/nonprofits Great for linking to similar organizations and professionals in your field
Tweets & retweets - the name of the game
Not for everyone but it is the third largest social media site behind Facebook and YouTube Best Practice Follow
Follow back
Shout outs
Post at least a few times a day
#learning Owned by Google
Videos increase search engine ranking
Videos don't need to be professionally produced What is Linkedin? It's not just for job searching Networking & Connections Company Page
Group Page
Board Connect Personal Profiles
Volunteer Experience & Causes
Under "Add a Section" on the profile page
Staff can link directly to your organization from their profile
Board members need to list your organization
Ask volunteers if that have a LinkedIn account to add your organization Different departments can contribute to blog
Are there bloggers for your cause? Google is trying to make it work and investing heavily in it
G+ button used 5 billions times per day
Posting to your nonprofit's G+ account increases search engine rankings
G+ Hangouts
G+ Hangouts On Air Flickr
Tumblr Bit.ly or other link shorteners
HootSuite - tool for simplifying social media Identify strongest social media sites that connect to your organization's mission and audience
Select appropriate amount of sites you can manage
After everything is set up and you have built your presence; plan on 15 - 30
minutes per day of maintaining Is it accomplishing the goals we set internally?
Social media online measuring tools
Facebook Insights
*Klout Your website is still your #1 online presence
Fundraising and Strategy Donate Now buttons, linked to Causes, now what?
Everything working together creates a synergy to engage volunteers and donors
Thank you page for donors with links telling them to keep updated with the organization's progress through social media
Works best as part of an overall online fundraising campaign eBay Giving Works
Online petitions
Text Messages
Text to Give
Phone Apps
Android Activity Class activity:
Walk through a social media strategy for a nonprofit See appendix What engages users on Facebook? What engages users on Twitter? What engages users on YouTube?
Behind the scenes videos
Donor thank you videos
Slideshows YouTube for Nonprofits
New camapaign thermometer Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site
+80% female audience
25 million users
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