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Music and Art of the 20th century

The evolution of music through the 20 century

Hunter Bills

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Music and Art of the 20th century

there are many different types of music styles the main genres popular today are: there are many more
genres that are not popular now but were in fairly recent history. Some of these include: this is art classical music is by far the oldest with its beginnings being traced back to the middle ages it is still fairly popular today! Music And Art of The 20th Century slave songs classical music slave songs have been
around as long as slaves.
in the early 20th century
they were the building
blocks for many popular
styles of music slave songs had
two direct
desendents: Jazz blues Louisiana is known for
its great chicken and jazz FUN FACT it is famously noted because of composers such as bach, mozart, and beethoven. the first blues song ever written was memphis
blues in 1909. Over the next thirty years it
was popular but towards the 1950s it lost
popularity. At the end of the 50s
blues got a rebirth and was adopted into
the music of many rock bands. ragtime
slave songs
blues ragtime invented in the 1890s
ragtime has been played
in just about every silent
movie ever. it was mainly popular
during the silent movie
era too. Jazz was first created
in the mid 1890's. by the
1920's it was one of the
most popular forms of music Ragtime is a genre you
might not have heard of before.
You probably have heard the music
though. country music starting in the late 20's country music
was called folk songs and was "cowboy
music". in older country music there might
be a fiddle, a banjo and washboard. Rock and roll rock and roll was born in 1951 and was originated from blues.
this is some of the most influential music of the next half century. the music from this genre has widly effected how the world has been shaped. FUN FACT The Guns and Roses are noted as the top selling
rock band ever!!!! Pop music pop is short for popular
therefore pop music is
just popular music.
popular music is what was
popular in the time period.
all the music styles in the
presintation were probably
pop music. Rap and hip hop rock
rap and hip hop
classical hip hop was first made in the 70's it rose in popularity with its presence in clubs during the 80's its popularity rose with
djs and breakdancing Music Art Expressionism developed during the late 19th century. this form of art made the subject look distorted or altered in some way. Van gogh is the most famously known
expressionistic artist. Abstract art it is not quite known
when abstract art
began. It is very famous
style of art but there
aren't many abstract
artists widely known
outside of the art world.
Some of the better known
artists are Robert Delaunay,
Piet Mondrain, and Wassily
Kandinsky. photography photography was invented for art
but it has many different uses,
did you know police have been using
photography for over 100 years. although it was invented in the
early 19th century it was very
important to the 20th century after photography was invented
many people didn't want pictures
to be considered art. With the
rise in popularity in the 1900's
they had to agree. it's art! surrealism surrealism is art were the
artist creates an artwork
that is surreal or unreal created in 1924 surrealist
art brought many different
kinds of people to speculate
on the surrealist movement pop art started in the 50's in england and adopted
by america in the 60's pop art is when an artist
makes normal objects into art Graffiti considered vandilism by
some graffiti is the
decoration of a wall or
other surface with out the
owners consent devoloped in the 70's
this style of art is thought
of along the lines of gangs Street art although many people think
that street art and graffiti
are the same street art is
art that means something
with a world issue the most famous street artist is
BANKSY. Music and art are always evolving. now we reach the present time and we dont know were it will go.. The END
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