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On Persuasion

No description

K Elz

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of On Persuasion

Karim Elzeki: The Science of Persuasion Based on the work of Robert B. Cialdini:"Harnessing the Science of Persuasion" in the Harvard Business Review Principle #1: Liking People follow the people they like Principle #2: Reciprocity Give what you want to get Principle #3: Social Proof / Consensus People follow the lead of others like them Principle #4: Consistency People follow through with their previous commitments Principle #5: Authority People will defer to experts Principle #6: Scarcity People want what they can't have Similarity Praising 3% 23% 35% 75% ACTIVE PUBLIC VOLUNTARY 18% The idea here is to get them to make a small commitment... Have the Inside Sales person get the advisor to book the meeting in their calendar.
Create a petition for a new fund.
Ask the advisor to have small Manulife logo visible somewhere in their office. CFA, CFP, PhD, MBA, MD, ETC... Using PMs or TRS as experts
Adding credentials to your business cards
Wearing a suite and tie - the uniform of a professional Wholesaler. IncomePlus closures increased demand
CMA Award winners "Mawer" only available through Manulife
Our Asia connection unparalleled.

My Wholesaler is fully booked with appointments, this time is the only available time - will you take it? Join the other 8,000 advisors that have already purchased a Mutual Fund from us.
2,300 people have already purchased Manulife Strategic Income Fund this year! Co-op Marketing
Charitable Donations
Invitations to events
Big: New York Due Diligence
Medium: Hockey Game
Small: Lunch Leverage KYA info ... specifically HOBBIES!
Golf Tournaments for golfers
Movie days for family-oriented advisors
Complement them on anything
How clean their office is...
Their tie...
The way they attract new clients... Qx Px S1 S2 D1 D3 P1 P2 P3 Now put it all together
for Maximum effect! Liking Reciprocity Authority Scarcity Consistency Consensus Mr. Claypool it's not often that I meet such an astute advisor!
We are holding an exclusive meeting with Paul Moroz, you may recognize him from, BNN as their 'Market Expert'.
As of right now the venue is full with 10 other advisors just like you. Is this an event you would like to attend? Because, I can make an exception for you.
I am working to increase the venue to 12 advisors; but Manulife wants to ensure the attendees are likely to buy his funds. So, if you are interested, I have a petition here for interested buyers only to increase the venue to 12 people.
Will you sign it? How can the Sales Team use the Liking Principle? How can the Sales Team use the Reciprocity Principle? How can the Sales Team use the Consensus Principle? How can the Sales Team use the Consistency Principle? How can the Sales Team use the Authority Principle? How can the Sales Team use the Scarcity Principle? How to do you show your authority without looking arrogant?
Have someone else introduce you! 20% in appointments 15% in Signings
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