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Sexual Colonization of the Indigenous Peoples

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brittney schwehr

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Sexual Colonization of the Indigenous Peoples

Sexual Colonization of the Indigenous Peoples
Jonathan Goldberg
"Cross-dressing does not mean the same thing from one native situation to another, or even within the same tribe; to believe otherwise is to homogenize all natives into the figure of the Indian, and to once more give into the ethnocentricity that has invented the category of people"
-Jonathan Goldberg
Before the Europeans showed
-women had more social equality and decision-making power
-social acceptance for men and women who cross-dressed and cross-worked as the other gender or as a mixed or third gender
-multiple genders existed
-acceptance of some forms of same sex and same gender erotic pleasure
-pre-marital sex common

The Way out
Sexual Colonization
The marginalization and destruction of the Indigenous' diverse forms of erotic, gender and social life and their subordination to white, European-derived social and sexual organization
No Distinctions
Example: "For a biological male berdache, sex could take place with a "biological" and "social" man. Sex might also take place amoung biological and social men as well. Same-sex and sometimes same-gender sexual activity did not threaten the boundaries of gender or sexual-life."
How they influenced change
-fur trading only between men and men (what the Europeans defined as "men")
-changed the Indigenous sexual norms to match theirs (the Europeans)
-changed ways of labour
-showed them that women were to depend on men
-created patriarchal division of labour
-no more female power
-residential school system
What do you think?
Will there always be a majority? Do they always have to be in power? Will our current sexual and social "norms" ever change from what they are?
By Gary Kinsman
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