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Guatemalan Wedding

No description

Emily Fisher

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Guatemalan Wedding

Guatemalan Wedding
Second Tradition: Veil
Bride wears a six feet long white veil
longer veil= happier couple
Third Tradition: Rope
Bride and groom are bound together by rope to represent their unity

Traditionally, people can get married at a young age and have many children
However, it is acceptable to marry someone who is significantly older or younger
Approximately 40% of Guatemalan follow ancient Mayan customs and traditions
Very religious - Resembles a Catholic wedding
Compare and contrast between other cultures?
las arras
First Tradition: Illa Pedidai (Pedida)
This tradition is when the groom asks the bride's parents for her hand in marriage
Basically like the pre-proposal


Compare and Contrast
All family is included
Versus Franco-Algerian - not everyone is included
Similar to American weddings= lots of flowers, dancing, and singing
Early invitations vs. Late invitations

Bell placed on reception door and is filled with rice, flour, and grains
Represents abundance for the couple and prosperity
Groom's mother breaks the bell when newlyweds arrive
As a sign of good luck and abundance for the couple

Get down on one's knees in front of the older members of the bride's family
Listen to them offer advice for a good marriage
Dress and Candles
All females in the wedding party, even the flower girl, wear a white dress similar to the bride's
Traditional dress= Patz'n huipil (traditional blouse) and traditional skirt
Many lights
Another Custom:
Final Tradition
Breaking the Bell
Imposition or Expression
Groom: proceed to ask for the permission of your prospective in-laws.
Initially imposed --> currently a form of expression

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