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The first (version2)

No description

Zverev Nik

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of The first (version2)

What is BEST about? Board of European Students of Technology BEST overview:
-Our target group – students of technology
-Voluntary work since 1989
-93 Universities
-32 Countries
-About 5 000 members
-Reaching 1 000 000 students Our services:
-Complementary education
-Educational involvement
-Career Support Our tools: Complementary education:
Technological courses
Engineering competitions
Career events
Events on education Educational involvement:
BEST is a member of several European-funded projects that investigate higher education
Events on Education that gather input from students and academics improving European education BEST Career Support:

Career Opportunities for students
Access to the CV Database for companies
Career Newsletter
Career Events
Company Presentations and workshops
Job fairs Local BEST Group Moscow:
A group of students studying mostly technology
Why do we do this?
We are motivated students and classes are not enough for us
We are curious to learn something new
We are open minded
We enjoy meeting new people
... and we want to travel more Our achievements:
More than 200 students of BMSTU joined BEST events
More than 1 500 students from Europe applied for events in Moscow Contact us:
In case of any questions, please contact us: moscow@BEST.eu.org

Or visit our website:

Or follow us:
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