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Surprise Me

No description

Emily Suber

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Surprise Me

Surprise Me
by: Emily Suber, Mary Scarlett, and Ashton Wilkes
Why this gum is great for teenagers
Instead of boring, plain flavored gum you're surprised with a new flavor in every piece.
In every pack of gum we surprise the teenagers with a fun fact or fashion trend of the day.
Here now at your local gas stations and grocery stores! Our products are located at Costco, Sam's Club, Target, Wal-Mart, and other leading stores.
What type of gum
Be amazed by our surprise busting flavors. The flavors never get old, and you will always want to go back for more.
Pick yo flava, get your surprise on!
$1.08 a pack. We found a way to make the product in a less expensive way, because teenagers do not have as much money to spend as other age groups.
Our gum will be advertised on TV between 4 PM and 10PM. We are a sponsor of Instagram. We also have a twitter page to update our followers on the latest flavors and surprises.
We have been featured in 17 Magazine and Teen Vogue. 17 Magazine has voted us the #1 gum for teens to chew.
"We caught Ariana Grande chewing Surprise Me gum before the VMA's"
Surprise Me
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