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All About Me

No description

Marina Bennett

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me
A sip of coffee
And my veins are bursting
With eagerness and power
To take on the world
Born and raised in Russia
My wonderful parents
My Family
My beautiful sister
...is way too much fun!
Teaching in Guilford
NJHS Advisor
My Roles at Adams
8-2 LA Teacher
Listening to Audio
My Babies
Year 14
My mission is...
My mission as a teacher is to be a guide and a line of support for all my students. I have very high expectations for all of you because I strongly believe that you all CAN achieve at high levels and become independent learners, competent readers and writers, critical viewers and thinkers, and confident speakers. That is why I strongly believe in challenging your minds and creativity every single day and ask that you put your best effort in everything you do. And I will be there right beside you cheering you on, celebrating your accomplishments, and reminding you to
... she is a bit loco:)
Welcome to another exciting year at Adams!

I am so thrilled to be a part of your journey!
My Hobbies
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett
My American Family
2.5 years
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