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I. Zeus's father tried to eat him when he was born.

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Megan Carley

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of I. Zeus's father tried to eat him when he was born.

Zeus's Wives
II. Zeus had many wives which one of them was his sister.
A. married 6 times
B. children from divine and semi-divine/mortal
1. 70 children

I. Zeus's father tried to eat him when he was born.
A. killed father, got informed that kids would overthrew him
B. to prevent ate five kids
1. feed him a stone instead of baby
God of the Sky
IV. Zeus was the god of the sky.
A. could produce storms
B. intense darkness
C. mighty thunder rolls and lightning flashes
1. change seasons and day and night
Unique God
V. Zeus is a unique kind of god.
A. "father of gods and men"
B. father of Mars
1. grandfather of Romulus and Remus found Rome
III. Zeus was represented in many ways.
A. never without symbols, sceptors, throne, and thunderbolt.
B. oak tree
C. sacred animal was eagle.
1. gift from cyclopes

Zeus's Father
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