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Amanda Huynh

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of ITALY

Aisha, Amanda, Emma & Thao
The Ndrangheta was formed in the 1860s when a group of Sicilians were banished from the island by the Italian government.

The word Ndrangheta comes from the greek word meaning courage and loyalty.
The Ngrandheta are currently the most powerful criminal organization in the world with a revenue around 53 billion euros (72 billion US dollars).
'Ndrangheta is made up of 160 groups made of
loosely connected family groups based on blood relationships and marriages.

They have approximately 6000 members.

Prominent members: are Santo Araniti, Giuseppe Morabito and Antonia Pelle.
Their criminal activities include:

human trafficking,
forced prostitution,
drug trafficking,
money laundering,
bombings to name a few.
The Ndrangheta has a range of different allies such as the Camorra, Sicilian, American Mafia and others in South America and Mexico.
The first gang war took 300 peoples lives. Innocent people who were known to be wealthy in Northern Italy were also kidnapped for ransom.

The 2nd Ndrangheta war & the 6th year war was between:

Condello-imerti-serraino-rosmini clans & de Sgefano-tegano-libri-latella clans.
They are based in the Calabria region in Southern Italy.
One of biggest assassinations was on October 16 2005.
The person assassinated was Francesco Fortugno.
He was a popular politician and deputy president of the regional parliament. He was killed in Locri.
Last year Ndrangheta associates were arrested in operations on 3 continents: Italy & Germany, Canada and Australia.

In July 2010 the 305 Ndrangheta members were arrested revealed that the Ndrangheta was extremely "hierarchical, united and pyramidal" and not just clan-based as previously believed according to Italy's chief anti-mafia prosecutor Piero Grasso.

Recent international arrests have included mayors, police and civil servants along with rank in file.
The boss and founder of Ndrangheta
Giuseppe Morabito

They have had 3 wars in total.
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