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Drucilla Jones

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Webliography

This annotations bibliography will describe four different Web 2.0 sites, which list a detail description of the purpose for these websites, and plus an evaluation of the four different Web 2.0 sites stating their usefulness and practicality for using these sites as a teaching tool.
Edmodo is a virtual classroom that is designed to get learners excited about learning in a familiar environment. Easy for student to setup an account and maneuver around the site. When using Edmodo the instructors "are the center of powerful network that connects them to students, administrators, and publishers. This network surfaces the world's resources and tools. providing the building blocks of a higher quality education", (edmodo.com, 2014). So that each learner is able to reach his/her full potential by letting them stay globally connected to classrooms,collaborate, and share content from any mobile device. Edmodo promotes real-time learning by making it easy to track the learner's progress. All of the instructor's classroom information is stored on the site and is easily accessible from any device via mobile or internet at any time.
Edmodo.(2014). Edmodo.com Retrieved from https:/www.edmodo.com
According to VoiceThread (2014), "good conversations are from anywhere in the world at any time and share in one place, all with no software to install. Voicethread is a collaborative, interactive, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents,and videos. It allows people to navigate through the slides and leave comments in five (for VoiceThread Pro users), or video (via a web-cam)". Educational institutions and businesses can use VoiceThread. The company proivdes plans that are designed for the type of educational training needed. Viewing and commenting in voice threads is always free. VoiceThread does promote real-time or "just-in-time" learning.The lessons are available and easily accessible to participant through the gallery. Learning can take place both synchronously and asynchronously, even within the same lesson. This site is user friendly for learners and educators.
VoiceThread. (2014). Voice Thread Basics. Retrieved from https:/voicethread.com/support/howto/basics/introduction/
Blendspace is a great tool facilitators can use to create presentations, quizzes, and get organized. It is a tool that can be used in the brick and mortar classroom or the online classroom. Facilitators can sign up to use this tool free of charge. It's quick and easy and allows for real-time learning by giving the user the ability to search for the most up-to-date information. Choose a title for the information you want to share and then start searching for information. the site allows internal searches that when the right one is found can simply be drug from the search window to the presentation. Not only can teachers use it, but students have access to it as well. Teachers can provide their students with a code to enter for certain projects or students can simply use it as a resource for a project on their own. It is very user friendly for both parties.
Blendspace. (2014). Blendspace.com. Retrieved from https"/www.blendspace.com
Drucilla Jones
May 12, 2014
Garth Beerman

PowToon. (2014). Pwotton.com Retrieved from http:/www.powtoon.com/blog/category/videos/featured-powtoons
PowToon a site that lets you create animated video and presentation for educators and trainers, small businesses and marketing professionals. PowToon will keep your audience engaged with excitement and motivation with quick and powerful eye-catching animated videos. "The PowToon user interface has been extensively designed and tested to ensure it's as simple as possible while never sacrificing as ounce of quality or professionalism", (PowToon, 2014). Presentations are brought to life when using PowToon with dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences and much more! The easy export system allows you to send your presentation to You Tube or download to your computer with just a few clicks.
Blendspace. (2014). blendspace.com. Retrieved from https://www.blendspace.com

Edmodo. (2014). Edmodo.com. Retrieved from https:www.edmodo.com

PowToon. (2014). PowToon.com Retrieved from http://www.powtoon.com/blog/category/videos/featured-powtoos

VoiceThread. (2014). VoiceThread Basics. Retrieved from https://voicethread.com/support//howto/Basica/Introduction/
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