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Formation of the Old Testament

No description

Jenny Farrell

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Formation of the Old Testament

Formation of the Old Testament Salvation History Imagine for a moment... How was it told? recounted laws
sang songs
celebrated sacred events
stories are easier to remember (Genesis 1--11) How did they tell stories? 950 BC
King Solomon hired scribes
Exile and displacement
Desire to preserve stories Why did they begin writing
the stories down? 1. Creation of the world
2. Conquest of Canaan
3. Early kings (Saul & David)
4. Writings of prophets and sages
5. Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem
6. Editors compiled more writings afterward to
preserve the stories
7. SEPTUAGINT = Hebrew Scriptures were
translated into Greek Order of writings You live in Kent, and you are a diehard Seahawks fan.

Your home and car have been confiscated by the Kent Police for toxicity (you haven't washed your socks in a while and everything stinks)

You CANNOT miss the most important event in your life--Sunday's Seahawks game.

You have no money, just a bus ticket, what do you do? Oral Tradition = happened before the writing
took place, telling stories
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