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What Helps Memory More: Visual or Audio Information

My Awesome Science Project

hope fogle

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of What Helps Memory More: Visual or Audio Information

What Helps Memory More:
Visual or Audio Information?
My experiment tests whether you can remember information better when seeing or hearing. Audio Information The Female Subjects Visual Information Audio information was more difficult to recall. Gina, Faith, Gloria, Sophie, and China Carter, Riley, Sam,Tanner, and Nick Visual information was easier to recall. The Male Subjects Hypothesis:
I believe that people will recall visual information better than audio information. Materials:
1.10 objects (V: Notecard, rubber band, pencil, toothpaste, necklace A:Salt shaker, shoe, folder, coin, phone )
2.subjects (Ten 13 year olds, 5 female/5 male)
3.quiet room
5.Paper (10 sheets)
6.A list of things needed
Biblical Application “He said, “Go and tell this people: ‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’” Isaiah 6:9
We have to get rid of our opinions in order to see God. If we walk around not seeing and deny what is right in front of us and determine the god of our own choosing, it doesn’t matter if we go to church, we will never see the Lord. When we are not hearing with our ears, we will walk through life with our eyes closed. God should be a very real, vibrant presence every day in our life. You must be ready to see the impossible to meet Jesus.
This applies to my project because the subjects in my project must be able to understand what they are seeing or hearing right in front of them and recall the information. God tells us that we need to understand to gain the knowledge of Lord God Almighty. The same goes for my project, the need to gain the knowledge of whatever I’m showing to them, so they can remember it for later.
Data Table Discussion The results might have been different if objects easier to remember were used. This experiment was very interesting, and would be fun to do again. One subject remembered both audio and visual information equally, so maybe having done it again with someone else would have changed the ending result slightly. Checking over the work more often could have helped improve it and make it more interesting. Over all, this was a fun experiment to do.
Log Book: 8/21/12- Start Thinking of my experiment

8/22/12- My experiment will be: Which helps memory more: Visual or Audio information

8/28/12- I have started gathering my supplies. Such as my youtube video's and other things.

8/29/12- I am beginning to write the procedure in class.

9/5/12- I have discussed my experiment with my teacher and I am ready to begin

9/12/12- First trial of experiments successful

9/19/12- Working in tech lab to pull information together

10/2/12- Trial run. They remembered visual better than audio

10/10/12- 11/10/12- Research paper

11/7/2012- I picked the objects

11/8/12- Did the experiments on this date. 5 boys, 5 girls Procedures Results 1.Collect a group of subjects (Ten 13 year olds, 5 male/5 female)
2.Collect ten objects (listed above)
3.Take them one by one to a quiet area, with no distractions
4.The audio/visual list of items will not be shown to the subjects to avoid prior knowledge of the items in question
5.Visually show the items one at a time to the subject
6.Ask the subjects to recall the items in order and list them on a sheet of paper
7.Change the items to avoid recall from the visual test for audio test
8.Verbally name the items in order without the items present to avoid visual recall
9.Ask the subjects to recall the items in order and list them on a sheet of paper
10.Check both sheets of paper for accuracy
11.Compare the visual test and the audio test for each subject to determine the results

Tests The final results concluded that the subjects recalled visual information far easier than audio information, therefore, proving my hypothesis correct. The end result showed that nine subjects recalled visual more readily than audio information. This project shows that the majority of people can remember visual stimulation better than audio. While there was a small percentage of people that remember audio easier, people that recall visual information seem to dominate.
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